Uber of Mortgage Industry

Brokerly - The Uber of Mortgage Industry

Brokerly – the Uber of mortgage industry has been released in the past week and the results are looking promising. With a brand-new idea in the mortgage industry, Brokerly is all set to transform the mortgage market. It is the first customer acquisition platform exclusively built for mortgage lenders. Brokerly claims that it will transform the mortgage industry by eliminating the complexities of mortgages for loan officers.

“Usman Sayed” , The CEO of Brokerly claims that his company is a tech-friendly platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence in their lead transferring process. “With artificial intelligence embedded in Brokerly’s customer relationship management, the loan officers would not have to worry about the technological advancements that the market is currently struggling with,” stated Usman Sayed.

The company provides mortgage lenders with mortgage leads with additional information regarding budget and timeline. Not only Brokerly
provides loan officers with leads, but the company also provides its clients with a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based CRM, through which all the leads are transferred.

Other than the annual fee, the only cost that mortgage brokers have to pay is a fixed fee on closed deals. There are no out-of-pocket costs for the leads that do not close. Keeping in mind all of the services being provided by the company, this sounds like a reasonable deal for the loan officers.

As this is a fresh idea in the market so it is yet to be seen how mortgage brokers react to it. Brokerly claims that it is ready for the learning process they will have to go through along the way.

If Brokerly meets the expectations of its target audience, there is no doubt that the mortgage process will be easier than it was ever before. Loan officers would not have to worry about lead generation and follow up with fake leads. Brokerly will take care of it.

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